Recent Project

PPL Tower

Allentown, Pennsylvania


Market Sector:

High-Rise & Mid-Rise

Project Description

Window City completed this high-rise window replacement project at the PPL Tower in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The crew installed more than 800 Peerless AW-Rated G342 series windows throughout the 24 story building.  Window City supplied all windows and removed existing windows from their current location.

This high rise window replacement project called for Window City to work after hours and in occupied space.  With such a massive project, it was vital to remain organized and keep communication lines open between Window City and personnel of PPL Tower.  Window City coordinated with PPL’s field representative in the planning and execution of work so as not to interfere with other company operations, maintenance or construction activities.  Window City takes working in occupied spaces seriously as it makes up a great amount of the work they do.  When working at PPL Tower, Window City followed the following protocols:

  1. End user involvement
  2. Advanced notice and ongoing communication
  3. Accountability
  4. Weekly team/project meetings
  5. End user meetings

The new windows at PPL Tower now provide maximum interior comfort, massive savings on energy bills and offer more sustainability and durability.  The building now has increased curbside appeal to passer-by’s and has an all around updated look.